Client Testimonials

What people say about working with me.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals from a wide variety of industries. Many of them initially found themselves uncertain about what to expect from coaching, while others sought a fresh perspective after previous coaching experiences.

It’s important to note that my coaching approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and results are never guaranteed. However, numerous clients have accomplished things they might not have, or not as swiftly, without my guidance.

Some of the remarkable outcomes my clients have experienced include successful career transitions, heightened confidence in their professional roles, improved relationships with colleagues, and newfound clarity about their career direction. 

One thing that all of the people I’ve worked with say is that they have really enjoyed the experience and found it easy to open up and talk about themselves to me.  I haven’t identified people by name, but all the testimonials below have been provided by previous clients.


Lovely working with Brian. He is direct and concise. Brian knew exactly what potential employers would be asking, it was almost as if he had spoke to the recruiting manager! In addition to this Brian helped me overcome my pre jittery interview nerves! I would definitely recommend Brian to everyone seeking a first class service.
AA, Newcastle 2023

Brian is an exceptional coach. He was full of tips and resources that helped me both with self-discovery and goal setting, ensuring my aims reflected my truth. Most importantly he enabled me to turn my aspirations into actions that are now paving the way of my new journey; the results of which I’m already enjoying in terms of confidence growth, increased creativity and, just simply, more joy!
I can’t thank and recommend him enough!
MA, Norfolk 2022

I first contacted Brian as I had been working within my previous career for a number of years, but felt I was ready for a change and had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted something completely different but was daunted by the prospect of a career change.
Within the sessions that I had with Brian he helped me to identify a number of existing transferable skills that I had, and highlighted areas of strength that provided me with direction about potential new career paths. This really boosted my confidence and when I decided on a new career path, felt at ease with interviewing due to understanding my strengths and skillset. I have now successfully changed career and having the sessions with Brian gave me the headstart I needed. 
LM, Doncaster 2021

Having graduated with a postgraduate degree, I ended up doing a job that I hated and which was completely irrelevant to my studies. 

Brian helped me to completely change my negative mindset and focus on following my passion. Through the sessions, I discovered what I really wanted to do in my career, and gain the confidence to dare to make moves that I wouldn’t make before. Above all, Brian convinced me not to make discounts on my desires and always follow my heart.  Having found a job in my desired field before even finishing the sessions I consider Brian’s coaching extremely helpful and successful.


OV, Nottingham, 2022

Brian has been a big help in getting me to realise my true values as well as my preferences and how those values and preferences match up against my current work. The whole process was hard, but one that I can now build on for the future. Thank you Brian I would not have got to this stage without your help !

On that note I would recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for help from a professional coach.

SW, Buckinghamshire 2021

Brian supported me immensley when I had hit a wall with my career and wasn’t sure what to do and how to deal with it. by the end of my sessions I could see a light at the tunnel and formed a much more structured and postive plan. Brian helped me overcome my anxiety about work and gave me my confidence back. He comes highly recommened from me and I will continue to work with him in the future.
CY, Yorkshire, 2021

I cannot underestimate the value of working with Brian.

He has helped me to gain focus and clarity on what I want from a career allowing me to set a clear pathway forwards. At all times I found Brian to be engaged and supportive about my future.

KC, Somerset, 2021

Working with Brian really helped me to become more self-aware and understand what is important to me as an individual. He helped to guide me with his annual plan and some of his tips helped me to reframe my thinkiing and become more confident. He was always professional and the meetings were open and honest environment. It has been a great push for me to independently achieve my goals over the coming months and years.

Postscript-  Three months later I received this email

I just wanted to let you know, I am starting a new job on Monday. I got there! I was really chuffed because they offered me a position higher than the one I had applied for. I just wanted to thank you again for the help you gave me.

ES, London, 2021

Brian was excellent from the start. Very personable and interested in what I was about. He used his contacts to put me in touch with people who could help me find out more about different career options. I was making a huge jump in my career and Brian helped to add a little calm to that process. Highly recommended.
LM, Brighton, 2021

Brian was a fantastic help from the start. I enjoyed our sessions, I found them extramely helpful. Brian has the skill to ask the right questions at the right time leading you to your discovery. I went there completely lost in life and in career but now I have a direction which makes me very excited and happy.

I highly recommend him.

BB, London 2021

A true professional, quite inspring and who services I would recommend to anyone.
AP, London, 2021

Working with Brian has been brilliant. I needed to make a huge change for the better regarding my career but I was having major confidence issues and had no idea where to start. With Brian’s help I was able to analyse things and get back in the drivers seat. I’m sure I was not the most straightforward person to deal with due to being so overwhelmed and lost, but he utilised different approaches and resources and got me to a point where I was able to figure out what I am aiming for, and since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. He did everything that he said he would do, and he made sure that I did the same. On top of everything he’s a genuine character and we were able to have a few ‘lols’ along the way. Very much worth it. Thanks again Brian 🙂

Postcript: Three months later I got this email:

Great news. I’ve received a job offer. And it’s with exactly the type of company that I’d wanted. I want to thank you for your help because I believe that the groundwork that we did was crucial to the outcome.

FK, London 2021

I started coaching sessions with Brian at a point after graduating when I felt lost and was having trouble moving forward with my career. Although I didn’t know what to expect, Brian’s step by step approach was very engaging and efficient in first recognising my values and my style of working through my DISC profile. It was a way of knowing my approach in life and how I can use it best.

He has been very kind, empathetic and a great listener!

I always looked forward to speaking with him with updates in my life and discussing the next step.

After these coaching sessions I’ve had a shift in perspective and feel like I can use these tools as a means of moving forward. 100% would recommend!

DG, London 2020

Having lost the job I loved as a result of Covid-19, I felt quite lost, confused and fearful about the future. Brian coached me during this period which was enormously beneficial. Having re-engaged with my values as part of the process, painting a picture of the what the future could look like and working through the barriers I was holding up, we put structure and focus into my plan. As a result, I felt more positive, in control and selective in my approach to finding a new job that is both purposeful and interesting. I’ve made good progress in these challenging times and in a large part this was down to meeting Brian regularly, which kept me on track. Brian has a kind and empathic approach, is a very good listener, asks thought provoking questions and is very easy to talk to. I would absolutely recommend Brian as a coach and thank him very much for his support at a difficult time.
BC, London, 2020

Brian helped me gain clarity about my goals and his genuine interest and commitment to me as client made it easy for me to feel comfortable during our sessions.
RP, London 2016

The support Brian has given me has been second to none. He challenged my ways of thinking, which encouraged me to approach my job search in a different way which has opened up new possibilities to me. I was particularly impressed with his practical approach to looking at my career (and my life in general to some extent) which involved completing various exercises around beliefs, values, and guiding principles. I found this really helpful as it helped to clarify the most important things to me in a new role and in a new organisation. I also liked the structured approach he took which included creating a plan of actions each week, and going forwards now that my sessions with him have come to an end. This has helped me to stay focussed on what I’m trying to achieve in the long term, by breaking overwhelming tasks down into smaller tasks and actions. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone wanting support with their career!
LP, Devon 2020

Coaching with Brian has been really effective and has helped me to structure and really buckle down to my learning. It was also fun!
SS, Dorset 2016

Managing the transition from paid employment to self-employed businessman was tricky so I’m pleased I contacted Brian for his coaching expertise.  Through our sessions I was able to discover new ways to approach old problems and overcome obstacles in my way. I strongly recommend Brian to others looking to get motivated and confident with their career change decisions and action planning.
VM, Hampshire, 2019

Brian is very easy to talk to, the sessions were very enjoyable and I got so much out of them. Brian will help you discover you values so you can match them to your ideal role/working set up and how to develop a plan so you can actually carry things forward. I highly recommend to anyone who is feeling stuck or a bit lost. Thanks so much, Brian!

JD Leicester, 2023

Working with Brian as my career coach was truly beneficial. He helped me pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to set practical goals. Brian’s approach involves thorough background research, and he prioritizes understanding personal circumstances before providing advice. If you’re navigating career choices and feeling overwhelmed, Brian is a reliable guide to help you find a clear path forward. I highly recommend his coaching services.

GS, Nottingham 2023

Brian is such a pleasure to work with! He is extremely approachable, highly perceptive, and hugely non-judgemental.  He has a vast toolkit that he employs with great skill.

In the 6 weeks that I have worked with Brian, I have experienced a significant amount of internal growth and self-awareness, which is certainly not what I expected at the age of 53!

 Thanks to Brian I have been able to rediscover my core values, recognise my mind-set and realise that it can be changed for the better.  I am using my new skills and self-knowledge to hopefully make the future a much brighter place than it would otherwise have been!

Thank you so much Brian!

LB, Nottingham, 2021

Brian was excellent at really listening to what I was saying and reflecting it back to me in a way that led to several ‘aha’ moments.  He helped me to bring together my professional and personal reflections into a more coherent, compelling story about myself as a leader which I can now use for interviews and future job roles.  It means I can be more confident and convincing when returning from maternity leave.
MSD, London, 2021

Brian has helped me though a difficult time what I have been contemplating my role as Mum and my career and working out what is the best path for me right now. His support and intuitive guidance is so helpful.  The DISC profile was very accurate and helps me understand what kind of jobs I am suited for. I highly recommend him.
HP, Leicester, 2021

I was a bit nervous about going through a career coaching process, as it’s something I’ve never done before. Brian creates a friendly, non judgemental and no pressure environment which puts you at ease straight away. Brian really gets to the root of the problems using various techniques and asking challenging questions to really get to you thinking! I’ve found the sessions with Brian really useful and has helped me improve my self confidence on a professional level. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is considering hiring a career coach for whatever reason
LS, Cardiff 2021

Brian is a very kind, warm with positive orientation and very pleasant to work with. From the discovery sessions he helped me identify and acknowledge my strengths and skills which made me feel empowered but also confident. He took the time to give me a better understanding how the coaching sessions would be like and what to expect. In the beginning of our sessions I was feeling very chaotic on what decisions to make in relation to my career progression. Through our four sessions, I have managed to gain not only clarity in relation to the transition of my career but also I have made decisions, plans and goals for my career progression and where I am going. Through our sessions I was reminded about my values, my life purpose, my personality and the small steps that I need to take to achieve the bigger goals. Not only I was benefit on the decision making for my career direction but also I gained a lot on a personal level. Thank you Brian, it was really a pleasure to work with you!e.
MP, London, 2021

I’ve been working with Brian for a few months and will continue to do so into 2021. I originally approached Brian to help me figure out my values, purpose and what I wanted to achieve. He’s helped me to understand my own principles and how I apply them at work which in turn has helped me to understand why some areas of work I’ve found increasingly frustrated. Through Brian’s guidance I’ve been able to take up a new role and align myself back to the things that I truly value.
RD, Leeds 2021

I felt Brian had an ideal approach to coaching, getting me in touch with my core values, while keeping the sessions focused on practical, achievable tasks and exercises that have lead to real results in a fairly short period of time.

He was easy to communicate with and we established a great rapport. Working with Brian has helped me re-discover my passion and enthusiasm and given me a greater appreciation of my own skills and experience.

It’s exactly what I hoped to gain from coaching.

RG, Edinburgh 2021

Brian is a great career coach. He is very professional and was very helpful with my career growth.

In our initial consultation, he took time to explore my current situation and pinpoint where I need to focus to accelerate my career growth.

He is a great listener and really focused on bringing out the best of me in order to help me to  plan along-term and sustainable career.

CBS, Belfast, 2021

I found the free discovery session with Brian to be hugely valuable – his calm, warm intuitive approach was very effective at helping me to begin to unpack all the thoughts and questions in my head. Even in this one session I was able to start identifying and owning key strengths that I have, both personally and professionally. Thank you Brian
CH, Berkshire, 2021

I worked with Brian to assist me in finding a career at a very difficult time in my life. Very pleased to say that I finished my sessions with him being much more confident in the kinds of things I want to do and how I go about achieving them. Highly recommend him for anyone who’s struggling to know where they are going in life or just want a change of career. Very thankful to have found him.
JL, London 2020

I am absolutely impressed how accurate DISC profile is. It helped me gain understanding about myself and what type of job should I look for in order to feel fulfiled and live meaningful life.
AD, London, 2020

Brian is a fantastic coach and motivator! He  is an excellent listener, and it makes a huge difference. He gave me full support when I was asking a question not related to his coaching expertise; he stayed very professional and helpful. I felt connected with the right person who wants to make a difference in my career plans. I hope to work with him again soon.
OJ, London, 2020

Brian was a great help in getting me to concentrate on what I needed to do to start my coaching practice. Firstly he helped me identify my niche and then how to access it. He motivated me to do the actions we agreed to get things done. He has a great way of phrasing questions which bring out the best in me and I have greatly benefited from our sessions.
GR, Durham 2017

Having reached a juncture in life where I didn’t know where to go next (both professionally and personally) I started working with Brian.  Has has challenged me in a way that is self-reflective. We decided to focus on my career situation first and he has worked with me in such a way that has enabled me to start seeing my true value and how better to approach the job search and applications. Helping to motivate me when I’d much rather hide from the world or have lost my way with a set-piece of work. Brian’s friendly and calm manner puts you at ease, enabling you to get the most out of a session; with a laugh or two too.
HVE, Southampton, 2020

I have felt supported, never judged and always valued as a person.
JW, Nottingham

I have worked with Brian over my career and have found him to be really human and thoughtful. Taking absolute care and 100% commitment to his clients. Totally reliable and very experienced coach.
JC, Hull, 2019

Brian coached me during my transition from full-time employee to primary carer and self-employment while looking at improving my own health. In each session he allowed me time to explain my current challenges and concerns whilst also reminding me of the ultimate goals and encouraging me to make action plans that would address both.
AS, Dundee. 2019